Latest Publications

Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan

Does the Harambee plan fast-track women's development?

SOE Governance in Namibia: Will a Hybrid System Work?

An assessment of the newly-proposed governance architecture for SOEs

Economy Watch November 2016

The latest bulletin looks at the Minister of Finance's mid-year review and Namibia in the Doing Business rankings

Namibia and the UN Convention against Corruption

Is Namibia complying with its commitments under the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)?

Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan

Is the Harambee plan's gender neutrality enough in a context of high poverty and GBV levels?

Whither Namibia? Democratisation in a Dominant Party System

Is it possible for Namibia to consolidate its democracy while being dominated by a single party?

Water Governance in Namibia - A Tale of Delayed Implementation, Policy Shortfalls, and Miscommunication

Namibia is short of water and lacking in effective water governance policies

Economy Watch September 2016

A review of Namibia's performance on competitiveness rankings and an update on commodity prices

IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2016

The Business Climate Index made a marginal gain in August despite indications that the economy has contracted since 2015

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2016

The IJG Business Climate Index declines for the fifth consecutive month