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Okalongo Election 2009 Okalongo.pdf 514
Table 2 2010 CPI's Table 2.pdf 122
NCPI January 2010 CPI's NCPI January 2010.pdf 118
Table 2 CPI's Table 2.pdf 121
NCPI August 2009 CPI's NCPI August 2009.pdf 117
Table 1 2010 CPI's Table 1 2010.pdf 120
Table 3 CPI's Table 3.pdf 123
Table 1 CPI's Table 1.pdf 119
2001 Population Projections Report CBS NPC Population 2001 Population projections Report.pdf 115
Final Report Namibia CBS NPC Population Final Report Namibia.pdf 116
Institute for Public Policy Research CBS NPC Institute for Public Policy Research.docx 106
New 1Table A2 National Disposable Income and Saving CBS NPC New 1Table A2 National Disposable Income and Saving.xls 109
New 1Table A3 Inflation CBS NPC New Table A3 Inflation.xls 112
Book 1-2004 balance of payments CBS NPC Book1-2004 bal of payments.xlsx 105
New 1Table A1 GDP and GNI CBS NPC New 1Table A1 GDP and GNI.xls 108
New Registration of co., cc and defensive name CBS NPC New Registration of co. , cc & defensive name.xlsx 111
Preliminary National Accounts 2008 CBS NPC Preliminary National Accounts 2008[1].pdf 114
National Accounts 2000-2008 CBS NPC National Accounts 2000- 2008.pdf 107
New Foreign Direct Investment CBS NPC New Foreign Direct Investment.xls 110
New new Relevant Table GDP and GNI const. 95 CBS NPC New new Relevant Table GDP and GNI Const 95.xls 113