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Ministry of Fisheries: Annual Report 2007 Fisheries 2007_Report Fisheries 1.xls 22
MME Annual Report 2006 Mines Energy MMEAnnualReport06.pdf 64
Moses Garoeb Election 2009 Moses Garoeb.pdf 478
Mpungu Election 2009 Mpungu.pdf 471
Mukwe Election 2009 Mukwe.pdf 470
Namibia Fact Sheet Health Namibia%20Fact%20Sheet%207-2.pdf 41
National Accounts 2000-2008 CBS NPC National Accounts 2000- 2008.pdf 107
National Assembly Summary Report Election 2009 National_Assembly_Summary_Report.pdf 550
NCPI August 2009 CPI's NCPI August 2009.pdf 117
NCPI January 2010 CPI's NCPI January 2010.pdf 118
Ndiyona Election 2009 Ndiyona.pdf 472
New 1Table A1 GDP and GNI CBS NPC New 1Table A1 GDP and GNI.xls 108
New 1Table A2 National Disposable Income and Saving CBS NPC New 1Table A2 National Disposable Income and Saving.xls 109
New 1Table A3 Inflation CBS NPC New Table A3 Inflation.xls 112
New Agribank AA Loans Agribank New Agribank AA loans.xls 40
New Building Plans Completed and Passed Building Passed and Completed New Building Plans Completed & Passed.xlsx 104
New Electricity Data NAMPOWER New Electricity data.xls 88
New Foreign Direct Investment CBS NPC New Foreign Direct Investment.xls 110
New Landing By Species Fisheries New Landing by Species.xls 35
New new Relevant Table GDP and GNI const. 95 CBS NPC New new Relevant Table GDP and GNI Const 95.xls 113