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Economic Outlook 17 February 2009 BON Economic Outlook Economic Outlook 17 February 2009.pdf 100
Table 3 CPI's Table 3.pdf 123
New NSX Annual Trading NSX New NSX Annual Trading.xlsx 84
Book1 IPPR Building Passed and Completed Book1IPPR.xls 103
Table 1 CPI's Table 1.pdf 119
Vehicle Sales Naamsa Vehicle sales.xlsx 87
Electorial Commission (25 by 4) MW200923996 Election 2009 ELECTORAL COMMISSION (25x4) MW200923996 PJB.pdf 549
Business Climate Index data Biz Clim Combo Business Climate Index_data_rebased(1).xlsx 102
New Vehicle sales Naamsa New Vehicle sales.xls 86
HDR 2009 EN Summary UNDP UNDP 2009 HDR_2009_EN_Summary UNDP.pdf 95
2008 Book Stats. Mines Mines Energy 2008 Book Stats Mines.xlsx 62
NSX 2008 Annual Report NSX NSX Annual Report008.pdf 83
Mineral Prices 2008 Mines Energy MineralPrices2008.xlsx 75
New Foreign Direct Investment CBS NPC New Foreign Direct Investment.xls 110
Economic Outlook 2008 BON Economic Outlook Economic Outlook 2008.pdf 21
Revised Outlook 2008 BON Economic Outlook Revised Outlook September 2008.pdf 99
Chamber of Mines Annual Review 2008 Mines Energy Chamber_of_Mines_Annual_Review_2008.pdf 63
Preliminary National Accounts 2008 CBS NPC Preliminary National Accounts 2008[1].pdf 114
Ministry of Fisheries: Annual Report 2007 Fisheries 2007_Report Fisheries 1.xls 22
CSP-NIP Namibia Country Strategy Paper 2008-2013 EU CSP-NIP Namibia Country Strategy Paper 2008-2013.pdf 97