Latest Publications

Water Governance in Namibia - A Tale of Delayed Implementation, Policy Shortfalls, and Miscommunication

Namibia is short of water and lacking in effective water governance policies

Economy Watch September 2016

A review of Namibia's performance on competitiveness rankings and an update on commodity prices

IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2016

The Business Climate Index made a marginal gain in August despite indications that the economy has contracted since 2015

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2016

The IJG Business Climate Index declines for the fifth consecutive month

2016-17 Global Competitiveness Report

IPPR calls for measures to boost Namibia's competitiveness in line with national development goals

Economy Watch August 2016

A review of the the recent national accounts including the role of deflators

Perspectives on Parliament: The National Council

An overview of Namibia's second chamber of parliament

Upholding Electoral Integrity

A guide to mitigating risk in the electoral cycle published by IPPR and HSF

Asset Declarations in Namibia

Namibia is lagging behind on asset declaration. What can be done about it?

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2016

The index continues on a downward trend as government's belt-tightening starts to have an effect