Latest Publications

Asset Declarations in Namibia

Namibia is lagging behind on asset declaration. What can be done about it?

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2016

The index continues on a downward trend as government's belt-tightening starts to have an effect

Namibia's Foreign Policy - Fit for the 21st Century?

A discussion paper on Namibia's foreign policy

Encouraging the Reporting of Corruption: Principles of Whistleblower Protection

What should Namibia include in its forthcoming Whistleblower Protection Bill?

Economy Watch July 2016

A regular review of economic developments affecting Namibia including the potential Brexit fallout

IJG Business Climate Monitor May 2016

The business climate continues to struggle to move into positive territory

Namibia's Water Situation - Insights and Thoughts

A presentation on how poor planning and implementation led to Namibia's water crisis

Two Sides to the Low Oil Price

An Economy Watch presentation on the pros and cons of the oil price for Namibia

Preventing Corruption Through Access to Information

An IPPR presentation for the national consultative workshop on Access to Information

Press statement on Access to Information

A media statement from the ACTION Coalition welcoming government's access to information initiative