Latest Publications

Election Watch - Frequently Asked Questions 2015

Key information for voters ahead of the Nov 27 local and regional elections

Election Watch - Namibia Goes To Vote 2015

A full list of candidates, parties and organisations standing at the 2015 local and regional elections

Regional Governors: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Do the benefits of presidential appointment outweigh the loss of democratic representation?

Perspectives on Parliament: Asset Declaration

With MPs facing a November 30 deadline to declare their assets, the IPPR takes a closer look at the issue

Election Watch - Technology

A look at how technology will be used in the local and regional elections

Election Watch - The National Council

An introduction to Namibia's House of Review - which will indirectly be elected on November 27

Election Watch - Know Your Country

This bulletin includes maps and lists of all constituencies, towns and villages

IJG Business Climate Monitor September 2015

The Index recovers slightly due to continuing decline in international oil prices

Election Watch - Media and Elections

A bulletin looking at the media's role in ensuring free and fair elections

The Local Authorities Amendment Bill: Time for a Pause and a Re-think

A commentary on the sweeping changes to urban land ownership envisaged in the Bill