Latest Publications

Election Watch - Media and Elections

A bulletin looking at the media's role in ensuring free and fair elections

The Local Authorities Amendment Bill: Time for a Pause and a Re-think

A commentary on the sweeping changes to urban land ownership envisaged in the Bill

Economy Watch October 2015

An overview of recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

IjG Business Climate Monitor August 2015

The Index falls for the first time since April as car sales, building plans and meat prices all slow

Election Watch - The Regional and Local Elections

An overview of the regional and local elections due to take place on November 27 2015

The Public Procurement Bill: A lot of good, some significant bad, but certainly not ugly

A briefing paper analysing the proposed public procurement bill

IPPR calls for release of Delimitation Report

A call for the release of the Delimitation Report ahead of the regional and local elections due in November

Namibia on the Open Budget Index

Namibia drops by nine points on the OBI 2015. Further details also at

Open Budget Index 2015

A presentation on the findings of the Open Budget Survey 2015

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2015

Index continues to rebound due to falling oil price and Euro rate