Latest Publications

Namibia on the Open Budget Index

Namibia drops by nine points on the OBI 2015. Further details also at

Open Budget Index 2015

A presentation on the findings of the Open Budget Survey 2015

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2015

Index continues to rebound due to falling oil price and Euro rate

Economy Watch September 2015

Review of recent developments including concerns over Namibia's trade balance, weakening commodity prices and exchange rate turbulence.

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2015

Index regains ground on oil price fall and increased vehicle sales

Economy Watch July 2015

This regular bulletin on the economy focusses on the implications of recent free trade agreements

IJG Business Climate Monitor May 2015

Index bounces back on rise in building plans


A PowerPoint Overview of President Geingob's first 100 days in office

Rushed and Ill-considered: Namibia's Anti-Terrorism Law

A review of Namibia's anti-terror law in terms of its potential impact on civil liberties

IJG Business Climate Monitor April 2015

Index falls away on rebounding oil price and drops in car sales and building plans