Latest Publications

Growing support for women in politics

Afrobarometer respondents express GBV concerns and show increased support for female politicians

The National Budget 15/16 - A Review

A presentation critiquing the recent national budget

Prof. Bill Lindeke 1946-2015

A tribute to our late colleague and friend Bill Lindeke who died on April 16 2015

Economy Watch April 2015

A review of recent developments affecting the economy including the budget and unemployment rate

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2015

Index stabilises as inflation tumbles on back of oil price

Namibians see increased corruption

Afrobarometer respondents says business people 'most corrupt'

Parliament & Democracy: A Guide to Good Practice

A presentation at a training workshop for female MPs-elect in the National Assembly

IJG Business Climate Monitor January 2015

After record highs the Index drops by 5.9 points

Afrobarometer Round 6 Summary of Results for Namibia

Comprehensive results for the 2014 Afrobarometer survey in Namibia

Perceptions on gender, GBV, lived poverty and basic freedoms

A presentation on key findings from the Afrobarometer survey for Namibia