Latest Publications

Electoral Continuity Expected in 2014

Afrobarometer finds Swapo still dominates political landscape

2014 Elections, the Constitution and Democracy in Namibia

A presentation of Afrobarometer results on the political parties, elections and the Constitution

Electoral Integrity and EVMs

A presentation on the use of Electronic Voting Machines at Namibia's forthcoming elections

Electronic Voting Machines

A briefing paper on the prospects for Africa's first electronic election

IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2014

The Index dips on the back of a drop in completed building plans

Economy Watch September 2014

A summary recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

Namibia at a Crossroads: 50/50 and the Way Forward

The latest paper in the Democracy Report series looks at the prospects for the 50/50 gender approach

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2014

Index stutters on drop in building plans

Economy Watch July 2014

A brief on economic developments affecting Namibia

Election Watch - The Potential of Social Networking

A look at social networking and politics in Namibia