Latest Publications

IJG Business Climate Monitor October 2014

Business Climate Monitor spikes on oil price declines and vehicle sales

Economy Watch December 2014

A summary recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

Election Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

Essential information for those participating in the 2014 elections

Election Watch - Voter Registration

A look at the final voter registration figures, candidate debates and election observers

Public Perceptions of Government Policies

What Namibians think of key government policies - Afrobarometer

Economy Well Managed But Too Few Jobs - Afrobarometer

Unemployment and poverty remain key worries

Namibians Want Policy Change on Key Issues

Namibians not happy with welfare and tender systems - Afrobarometer

Election Watch - Gender Equality

An assessment of party commitments - in word and deed - on gender equality

Election Watch - NBC TV news coverage: Week 2

General election news and ruling party dominate

Election Watch - Political Tolerance

The importance of political tolerance ahead of the 2014 elections