Latest Publications

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2014

The Index continues its upward trend

IJG Business Climate Monitor May 2014

Index rebounds due to completed building plans and increased credit

Election Watch - Producing Effective Manifestos

How can parties make sure their manifestos have impact

Easing the Way for Investment in Namibia

A research report on the obstacles to investment in Namibia

Election Watch - Dispute Resolution

The importance of having effective mechanisms for resolving electoral disputes

Election Watch - Access to the Media

The need for equitable and fair election coverage

Election Watch - Democracy

The IPPR's election bulletin focussing on democratic best practice

IPPR recognised for its transparency

The IPPR was recently rated among the most transparent think tanks in the world

IJG Business Climate Monitor April 2014

Decline in index slows as growth prospects pick up

Economy Watch May 2014

A wrap of recent economic developments affecting Namibia