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IJG Business Climate Monitor December 2014

Oil price boosts Index despite seasonal slowdown

IJG Business Climate Monitor November 2014

Index continues to rise as oil price collapses

IPPR Annual Financial Statements 2013-14

IPPR Annual Financial Statements 2013-14

Election Watch - Results of the 2014 Elections

The National Assembly and Presidential results for all 121 constituencies

IJG Business Climate Monitor October 2014

Business Climate Monitor spikes on oil price declines and vehicle sales

Economy Watch December 2014

A summary recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

Election Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

Essential information for those participating in the 2014 elections

Election Watch - Voter Registration

A look at the final voter registration figures, candidate debates and election observers

Public Perceptions of Government Policies

What Namibians think of key government policies - Afrobarometer

Economy Well Managed But Too Few Jobs - Afrobarometer

Unemployment and poverty remain key worries