Latest Publications

Economy Watch May 2013

A wrap of the latest economic developments affecting Namibia

Gender and Politics in Namibia - Beyond the Numbers

A special briefing ahead of the Swapo Extraordinary Congress which will focus on gender equity in the party

IJG Business Climate Monitor April 2013

Index falls on weak construction data

Democracy Report - The Anti-Terrorism Bill

When urgency trumps proper debate

Election Watch - tendered votes

The controversies around tendered votes unravelled

Election Watch - what the Afrobarometer says

Namibians still believe in democracy

IJG Business Climate Monitor March 2013

Index edges upwards despite metal price worries

Afrobarometer Summary of Results

What Namibians think about a range of social, political and economic issues

Election Watch - focus on gender

What are the prospects for meeting the 50-50 deadline?

Perceptions of Government Performance

How the Afrobarometer survey rates government