Latest Publications

IJG Business Climate Monitor May 2012

Index inches up on back of consumer borrowing

Risking Corruption: Regional and Local Governance in Namibia

The ninth paper in the Anti-Corruption Research Series

Namibian Business and Investment Climate Survey 2012

An assessment of Namibian business conditions based on a nationwide survey

Unfinished Business - Democracy in Namibia

Idasa's Namibia Democracy Index with a chapter contributed by IPPR

IJG Business Climate Monitor April 2012

Consumer confidence sluggish, Index drops 2.8 points

Economy Watch May 2012

A summary of the latest economic developments affecting Namibia

IJG Business Climate Monitor March 2012

Index reaches new high on back of renewed consumer confidence

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2012

Index regains momentum after holiday slump

Getting involved: Namibians and governance issues

Commentary on the occasion of Namibia's 22nd independence anniversary

Electoral Law Reform

The IPPR's submission to the ongoing review of Namibia's electoral laws