Latest Publications

Governance Challenges at Regional and Local Level

Insights from Hardap, Kavango and Omaheke

Comments on the draft Public Procurement Bill

Entrenching accountability and transparency in public procurement

Economy Watch September 2012

A round-up of recent economic developments affecting Namibia

On a Slippery Slope: Corruption and the Extractive Industries

A review of corruption risks in the oil, gas and minerals sectors

Asset Disclosure: The Need for Reform and Enforcement

A look at asset and interest declaration by public officials in Namibia

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2012

Index surges on building boom but metal prices to hit exports

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant: Namibia and ATI

Namibia needs access to information legislation to fight corruption

Protected Disclosure: Informing the Whistleblowing Debate in Namibia

The tenth paper in the IPPR's Anti-Corruption series

IJG Business Climate Monitor June 2012

Index slips despite boosts for consumers

Economy Watch July 2012

A summary of recent developments affecting the Namibian economy