Latest Publications

Election Watch - focus on gender

What are the prospects for meeting the 50-50 deadline?

Perceptions of Government Performance

How the Afrobarometer survey rates government

Perceptions of Corruption

Afrobarometer findings on graft in Namibia

Afrobarometer Round 5 Survey in Namibia

A presentation of survey findings on attitudes to government and corruption

Election Watch - focus on electronic voting machines

The pros and cons of electronic voting machines

Election Watch - focus on electoral reform proposals

The second bulletin explains the current reform process

National Budget 2013/14 - Big Bang or Fiscal Consolidation?

The national budget emphasises fiscal expansion over consolidation

IJG Business Climate Monitor February 2013

The Index struggles to regain momentum after late 2012 dip

Election Watch - focus on delimitation

The first in a series of electoral analysis bulletins ahead of the 2014 elections

Afrobarometer Round 5 Survey in Namibia

Presentation on economic conditions, government policies and youth apathy