Latest Publications

Constitution Changes Require Public Consultation

Afrobarometer finds large majorities in favour of consultation on Constitution changes

Approval Ratings High for Executive Leadership

President and Prime Minister score well in latest Afrobarometer results

Electoral Continuity Expected in 2014

Afrobarometer finds Swapo still dominates political landscape

2014 Elections, the Constitution and Democracy in Namibia

A presentation of Afrobarometer results on the political parties, elections and the Constitution

Electoral Integrity and EVMs

A presentation on the use of Electronic Voting Machines at Namibia's forthcoming elections

Electronic Voting Machines

A briefing paper on the prospects for Africa's first electronic election

IJG Business Climate Monitor August 2014

The Index dips on the back of a drop in completed building plans

Economy Watch September 2014

A summary recent developments affecting the Namibian economy

Namibia at a Crossroads: 50/50 and the Way Forward

The latest paper in the Democracy Report series looks at the prospects for the 50/50 gender approach

IJG Business Climate Monitor July 2014

Index stutters on drop in building plans