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Press statement on Access to Information Action Coalition Media Statement DOWNLOAD>>
Round 4 Afrobarometer Opinion Survey Afrobarometer Publication DOWNLOAD>>
Good Neighbours? Africans Express Tolerance For Many But Not All Afrobarometer Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Namibia at a Crossroads: 50/50 and the Way Forward Amanda Clayton Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Agricultural Employment in Namibia: Not the Engine of Wage Employment Growth Angula & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 16 DOWNLOAD>>
Afrobarometer Round 5 findings on democracy in Namibia B Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Unfinished Business - Democracy in Namibia B Sims Book DOWNLOAD>>
Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah,Minister for Women Affairs and Child Welfare Bauer Interview No 6 DOWNLOAD>>
Assessing market demand for private equity and venture capital BFS Briefing DOWNLOAD>>
Regional and Local Government Issues in the Afrobarometer Bill Lindeke Briefing paper No. 53 DOWNLOAD>>
Afrobarometer Round 5 Survey in Namibia Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Perceptions of Corruption Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Perceptions of Government Performance Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
2014 Elections, the Constitution and Democracy in Namibia Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Electoral Continuity Expected in 2014 Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>