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Approval Ratings High for Executive Leadership Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Constitution Changes Require Public Consultation Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Namibians Want Policy Change on Key Issues Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Public Perceptions of Government Policies Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Namibia makes progress on tackling poverty Bill Lindeke Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Perceptions on gender, GBV, lived poverty and basic freedoms Bill Lindeke & Nangula Shejavali Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Afrobarometer Round 5 Survey in Namibia Bill Lindeke and Ellison Tjirera Afrobarometer DOWNLOAD>>
Transcending State-Centrism? Non-State Actors and Regionalism from 'Below' in the Southern Afican Development Community (SADC) Blaauw Briefing Paper No 38 DOWNLOAD>>
NamGem: Profits or Pipedreams? Boer Opinion No 10 DOWNLOAD>>
The Life of The Party: The Hidden Role of Money in Namibian Politics Boer Occasional Paper No 5 DOWNLOAD>>
In Self-Defence: Firearms Usage in Namibia Boer Briefing Paper No 31 DOWNLOAD>>
Complex Fees+Lack of Competition=Excess Profits? Retail Bank Charges in Namibia Boer & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 27 DOWNLOAD>>
Getting The Most Out Of Our Diamonds: Namibia, De Beers and The Arrival of Lev Leviev Boer & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 20 DOWNLOAD>>
Managing Diamond Dependency:Should Namibia Risk More to Gain More? Boer & Sherbourne Research Report No 6 DOWNLOAD>>
The Namibian Business and Climate Suvery 2009 C Stork / K Schade Publication DOWNLOAD>>