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The President's Hits & Misses Nangula Shejavali Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Fiscal Sustainability and Growth: A Difficult Balancing Act Rowland Brown Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Opportunities for a Green Logistics Sector Klaus Schade Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Perspectives on Parliament: The National Council Max Weylandt Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Water Governance in Namibia - A Tale of Delayed Implementation, Policy Shortfalls, and Miscommunication Dietrich Remmert Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Whither Namibia? Democratisation in a Dominant Party System Ian Cooper Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Women in the Harambee Prosperity Plan Nangula Shejavali Democracy Report DOWNLOAD>>
Climate Change in Namibia: Impacts, Decisions, Opportunities S van den Bosch Democracy Report Special Papers DOWNLOAD>>
The National Budget 2012-13 - Show Us The Jobs Robin Sherbourne Democracy Report Special Papers DOWNLOAD>>
Namibia Labour Force Survey 2008 Klaus Schade and Taimi Amunkete Democracy Report Special Papers DOWNLOAD>>
Namibia's Foreign Policy - Fit for the 21st Century? J Brown, G Hopwood, G Lister Discussion paper DOWNLOAD>>
SME Development and Impact Assessment 2004 Grossmann, Mwatotele, Stork & Tobias Discussion Paper No 1
Waiting for Skorpion: Economic Outlook for 2001 Sherbourne Economic Outlook DOWNLOAD>>
Globalisation Marches On: Economic Outlook for 2002 Sherbourne Economic Outlook DOWNLOAD>>
One Lump or Two? IPPR Economic Outlook for 2003 Sherbourne Economic Outlook DOWNLOAD>>