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Liberalising the Telecommunications Sector in Namibia: Better Regulation is the Key Matinga Briefing Paper No 25 DOWNLOAD>>
Less than 30,000 Jobs in Ten Years? Employment Trends in Namibia since 1991 Sheefeni, Humavindu & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 24 DOWNLOAD>>
Bringing Down The House: Bicameralism in the Namibian Legislature Wiese Briefing Paper No 23 DOWNLOAD>>
Playing House: The Theory of Bicameralism Parliaments Wiese Briefing Paper No 22 DOWNLOAD>>
An Overview Of HIV-Related Research in Namibia Since Independence Van Zyl Briefing Paper No 21 DOWNLOAD>>
Getting The Most Out Of Our Diamonds: Namibia, De Beers and The Arrival of Lev Leviev Boer & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 20 DOWNLOAD>>
Support for the Political System and Democratic Regime Among Namibian Youth Keulder Briefing Paper No 2 DOWNLOAD>>
Public Perceptions on Corruption in Namibia Keulder & Wiese Briefing Paper No 19 DOWNLOAD>>
Men For War: Women For Children: Popular Presentation on Female Representation and Public Policy Thiel Briefing Paper No 18 DOWNLOAD>>
Elections, The Electorial System and a Gender Quota: Views of Namibians Thiel Briefing Paper No 17 DOWNLOAD>>
Agricultural Employment in Namibia: Not the Engine of Wage Employment Growth Angula & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 16 DOWNLOAD>>
The Commercial Farm Market in Namibia: Evidence from the first Eleven Years Fuller & Eisob Briefing Paper No 15 DOWNLOAD>>
To PR or To Ward? Notes on the Political Consequences of Electoral Systems in Namibia Keulder Briefing Paper No 14 DOWNLOAD>>
Maintaining Economic Independence: Government Debt aqnd Fiscal Sustainability Sherbourne, Nampila & du Preez Briefing Paper No 13 DOWNLOAD>>
Dolimiting Regional and Constituency Boundaries Keulder & Van Zyl Briefing Paper No 12 DOWNLOAD>>