Title Author Seriessort icon Attached files
Feelings of Closeness: Public Opinion and its Implications for Decentralisation Keulder Briefing Paper No 5 DOWNLOAD>>
Povert, Inequality and Growth Linkages: National and Sectoral Evidence From Post Independence Namibia M. Schmidt Briefing Paper No 48 DOWNLOAD>>
Access To Public Services in Namibia: Has There Been Pro-Power Growth? M. Schmidt Briefing Paper No 47 DOWNLOAD>>
National Budget 2009/2010: Weathering the Storm or Missing The Boat? IPPR Briefing Paper No 46 DOWNLOAD>>
The Estimation of Poverty Trends in Post-Independence Namibia M. Schmidt Briefing Paper No 45 DOWNLOAD>>
Political Party Life in Namibia IPPR Briefing Paper No 44 DOWNLOAD>>
It's All About Jobs: Perceptions of Performance in Namibia Fuller Briefing Paper No 43 DOWNLOAD>>
National Budget 2008/2009: Great Gallops of Jam IPPR Briefing Paper No 42 DOWNLOAD>>
One Step Foward-Two Steps Backward? A Critical Look At Namibia's Current Electricity Distribution Reform Matthias Grossmann Briefing Paper No 41 DOWNLOAD>>
Adding Value With Mutton: Is Pricing Everything? Kahuika, Tutalife & Motinga Briefing Paper No 40 DOWNLOAD>>
How Well Does the Government Budget? Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 4 DOWNLOAD>>
Politics and Judicial Decision Making in Namibia: Separate or connected Realms? VanDoepp Briefing Paper No 39 DOWNLOAD>>
Transcending State-Centrism? Non-State Actors and Regionalism from 'Below' in the Southern Afican Development Community (SADC) Blaauw Briefing Paper No 38 DOWNLOAD>>
Another Look At The Costs Of The New Labour Act, 2004 Tutalife Briefing Paper No 37 DOWNLOAD>>
Ships and Trucks and Clubs: Dynamics of HIV Risk Behaviour in Walvis Bay Kaulder & LeBeau Briefing Paper No 36 DOWNLOAD>>