Title Author Series Attached files
Skorpion Picks Up Speed: IPPR Economic Outlook For 2004 Sherbourne Economic Outlook DOWNLOAD>>
More Openness Plus Accountability: The missing Calculua of Financial Sustainability Within Namibian Parastatals Motinga Briefing Paper No 30 DOWNLOAD>>
IJG Business Climate Monitor For January 2004 Sherbourne & Kavambi BCM DOWNLOAD>>
The 2003 Windhoek West Voters Registration Roll Kaulder & Wiese Briefing Paper No 29 DOWNLOAD>>
The IPPR Readers Survey 2003 Kavambi & Sherbourne RS No 3 DOWNLOAD>>
IJG Business Climate Monitor For November and December 2003 Sherbourne & Kavambi BCM DOWNLOAD>>
Calculating Optional Assembly Size: Namibia in Comparative Perspective Keulder, Van Zyl & Breu Briefing Paper No 28 DOWNLOAD>>
IJG Business Climate Monitor For October 2003 Sherbourne BCM DOWNLOAD>>
A Rich Man's Hobby Sherbourne Opinion No 11 DOWNLOAD>>
Complex Fees+Lack of Competition=Excess Profits? Retail Bank Charges in Namibia Boer & Sherbourne Briefing Paper No 27 DOWNLOAD>>
Progress on Affirmative Action and Employment Equity: Still a man's World Motinga & Mbeunda Briefing Paper No 26 DOWNLOAD>>
Liberalising the Telecommunications Sector in Namibia: Better Regulation is the Key Matinga Briefing Paper No 25 DOWNLOAD>>
NamGem: Profits or Pipedreams? Boer Opinion No 10 DOWNLOAD>>
Additional Budget 2003/2004: We had it Coming Sherbourne Opinion No 9 DOWNLOAD>>
Additional Budget 2003/2004: Presentation to Parliament (Powerpoint File) Sherbourne Presentation DOWNLOAD>>